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#TeamTroll - Michelle Stewart (Howie)


Michelle Stewart is #TrollZero for John Aster. Michelle, having lost her son (Nathan John Jackson-Stewart) to accidental suicide, was in the process of suing the Department of Human Services ('DHS') and Melbourne's Angliss Hospital where he was first treated for his fatal wound, claiming that the defending parties were negligent and had failed in their duty of care. She had already connected online with Michael Borusiewicz, whose son Luke had died while under foster care administered by the Department of Community Services ('DOCS'). Michael is John Aster's cousin, and through him Michelle was introduced to Aster.

Who, What, When?

As a result of the work he had done on his Whistleblower Act protest, Michelle asked Aster for his help in presenting her case against DHS and the Angliss Hospital. Although he couldn't help her himself Aster passed her information along to someone he knew who might be in a position to assist. That person was ultimately unable to help Michelle. Furious, Michelle blamed Aster for his contact being unable to help her.

She turned on John immediately after being notified that no help was coming with her legal challenge in relation to her son's death. Having attracted a large number of followers alongside Michael Borusiewicz during the first part of the process of "seeking Justice for Nathan" she maliciously posted on her Facebook page that Aster (who at that time operated the Whistleblower Act Facebook page) had been charged and convicted for downloading child pornography onto his computer. She claimed that Aster had admitted this to her. He hadn't. A year later, after joining with other members of #TeamTroll to disseminate the information throughout the internet in an extraordinary display of malice, Michelle admitted to her fellow team members that it had been a lie. She had taken what he had told her in a private conversation and twisted it to be something entirely different.

The Impact of a Lie

There is a saying - "Gossip is like a fired bullet. Once you hear the sound, you can't take it back." The damage Michelle had done with her vindictive but unwarranted venom was lasting. It could never be reversed. Aster's enemies had used the false information provided by Michelle to defame him far and wide. So many people, from all over the world, had attacked Aster that he eventually sank into a deep depression which worsened over time until he was no longer able to function by himself. By 2012 he required a fulltime carer to assist him on a day to day basis, and was under the regular care of a psychologist.

Michelle at no time gave any thought to anyone else who may be harmed by her lies about John Aster, although John begged her to consider his daughter (aged 4) and the impact this would have on her growing up. She refused to listen, and had no sympathy at all for the child. To date, via John Hans Anderson, up to 250 other people worldwide have been named on Anderson's 'Dark List' - most of whom are said to be "pro-pedophile supporters of John Aster". Many of them don't even know who John Aster is, and some don't know or haven't heard of Anderson. Some are now dead, with at least one death being directly attributed to the stress of the attacks on him by #TeamTroll's followers among the pedophile hunting groups online.

The Behaviour Behind The Liar

Michelle claims to have been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. It is more likely she uses these named conditions as an excuse for her behaviour. She has had several children, all to different fathers, and all of her children at one time or another have had to be removed from her care due to the risk of physical, emotional, and psychological harm their mother poses to them, or because she is unable to otherwise care for them or cope with them. Every time a child is removed or a relationship breaks up, Michelle claims that she was a victim of domestic violence and the father is at fault. Her modus operandi is to attempt to use Government departments, Police, and her favourite go-to - the internet, Google Blogger and Facebook - to slander the father. She uses domestic violence and insinuations of sexual abuse of the children as her preferred weapons against their fathers.

There is no indication that Michelle is even aware that her behaviour impacts her ability to relate to others, and that her abusive conduct may adversely be affecting her relationships. She seems oblivious that her perception of the source of her inability to maintain a romantic involvement with anyone may be at fault. In the breakup with her last partner, Peter Cefai, Michelle seemed genuinely unable to comprehend that threatening to kill him was a valid reason for DHS to seek to remove her young daughter from her care. Mothers who threaten homocide are generally not considered to be fit parents.

The Sociopath

Over the years following her initial betrayal of John Aster, Michelle has had an on-again, off-again relationship with him. Usually, she befriends him with tales of woe when she wants to use him to get information on someone else she is targeting. Now almost entirely housebound except for brief forays to visit other friends, Aster is both lonely, and gullible. He has been attacked in airports, at the beach, and even in his own street. He is more comfortable in the security of his own home than anywhere else. He will rarely turn away a 'damsel in distress' though, especially if it is someone he knows. Michelle has repeatedly manipulated Aster's condition, but once she has sufficiently used him and no longer needs his friendship she resorts to her attacks on him again. This is a pattern of behaviour that seems to have repeated several times over the course of the decade-long abuse of John Aster by #TeamTroll, but it is not limited to Aster. Michelle has exhibited this same pattern on her fellow #TeamTroll abusers many times. It is a pattern of behaviour which when combined with Michelle's other traits, shows a high likelihood that she is suffers from antisocial (sociopathic) personality disorder. By ignoring Michelle's words and instead focusing on her behaviour, her true nature is quite easy to spot. Sociopaths almost always consider themselves to be blameless and they rarely apologise for their behaviour. They feel justified in treating other people cruelly, whether in their families, at work, or in their communities. They lack empathy, and they enjoy other people’s pain and hardship. Michelle constantly alternates between sympathy-seeker and sociopath with her impulsive, manipulative treatment of others that is completely without empathy for them and pays no heed to the law or the rules of acceptable social conduct.

Hayley's Story

At a time when Michelle was manipulating John Aster against Pete Geary, she told Aster the story of her daughter's alleged sexual abuse at the hands of the BUACA President. Hayley Van Hostauyen had, according to her mother, alleged that Pete Geary had sexually abused her, and the evidence certainly pointed to the fact that he had been inappropriately far too close to the girl who at the time was a minor. The story goes that Michelle, having suffered through the loss of her son Nathan, was not coping. She had trusted Geary and left her daughter in his care to straighten the girl out. Instead, Geary ingratiated himself to the girl and became overly familiar with her - going so far as to touch her inappropriately and have himself photographed doing it. That photograph has become the subject of heated debate as the battle for the truth waged on. Michelle, the girl's mother, has alternated between reporting Geary to Police for child sexual abuse and siding with Geary to bring down Aster for refusing to stop retelling the story once Michelle no longer wanted it told. Unfortunately for Michelle, the same impact that her stories had on other people may also be the result of telling stories about herself and her own children. Again, Michelle's impulsive, manipulative, live-in-the-moment way of life was working against her and those stories, once told, will never go away. There are numerous pages still on the internet that repeat the story of Hayley Van Hostauyen - some of them containing information that could only have been provided by her mother.

The Internet Doesn't Cleanse Itself

Bizarrely, while lashing out at Aster for allegedly posting information about her children on the internet "without authorisation", Michelle herself was originally the author of www.nathansjustice.com1, setting up a Twitter account in her son's name to tell his story and to wage a six-year legal battle against the DHS and Melbourne's Angliss Hospital. Unfortunately, the coroner had already noted that Michelle herself was in no small way the reason for his crushing despair.

Michelle was also the only person drawing attention to her daughter's story on the internet, having been the person responsible for it being there in the first place. As recently as late 2019, she was still directing attention towards the information on the internet relating to the discussions she had with Police about Geary's alleged pedophillic conduct with Hayley.

Incredibly, having not learned her lesson with the first two of her children, Michelle went on to write page upon page (41 pages in a pdf printout!) on a blog submission about her third child Dolores - the daughter of Peter Cefai. Once again, Cefai was accused by Michelle of sexually abusing the child, and as previously noted above Dolores was removed from Michelle's care as a result of her threat to kill the girl's father. Clearly (and thankfully!) she wasn't believed in relation to the sexual abuse allegations. Cefai appears to have a wonderful relationship with his daughter. We wish him well, and better luck with his choice of life partner next time!

WARNING! Readers are advised to have no contact with Michelle Stewart (also known as Michelle Howie and Michelle Cefai). She operates a number of fake profiles across social media platforms for the purpose of trolling. Always check who you are talking to on the internet. Use video chat programs like Facebook's Messenger, Google's Hangouts, or Skype to verify people before giving them any information about yourself or anyone you know.

1 See Archive here:

Michelle is the current administrator of the 'Monster Hunters' Facebook page once operated by John Hans Anderson.

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"If Peter Geary doesn't want to stop, he must be made to stop. The harm is deliberately inflicted, knowingly false, and obviously criminal. He might as well have cut Aster's throat as a public display of his childish tantrums."
Kathy Carlin, investigator