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#FalseAccuser - Michaela ('Mickey') Hill

Once upon a time there was a young woman who made an allegation that she was raped by John Aster and one of his carers. She was 17. And a liar.

Michaela Hill was never raped by Aster and his carer. She was never drugged and woke up not knowing how she got places. She was just used by Pete Geary as a weapon against John Aster.

Mickey's story of rape contains information that in itself proves she was lying. Aster and his carer have waited for her to file her claim with Queensland Police, but she never has. Police have also been waiting; they say they can do nothing about her going online with her story until she tries to make a statement.

There are rape survivors out there who don't want to prosecute their rapist, but that's not Mickey Hill's story. She has no fear of the man she alleges to be her rapist, she has no fear of being identified, she has no fear of anything. She gave a full and very detailed version of her story to Geary, who recorded it and posted the recordings on the internet. She had no qualms in coming forward - just not to the Police. Because her story simply wasn't true.

If Pete Geary genuinely thought that Mickey Hill was raped, by John Aster or anyone else, then he had an obligation to assist her to report that abuse and get professional assistance for herself. He didn't. Because he knew it wasn't true.

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"If there is one thing that has become abundantly clear during this investigation, it is that the wrong people are being called 'pro-pedophile'. The real pro-pedos are the BUACA/Anderson supporters and groupies."
Kathy Carlin, investigator