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#TeamTroll - John Hans Anderson

John Hans Anderson is otherwise known as the Stalk Show Host, a Canadian self-described voice actor on a crazed mission manipulated by his Australian mentor Peter ('Baldy Pete') Geary. He was appointed President of BUACA (Bikers United Against Child Abuse) in Canada, despite concerns over the welfare of his own child whilst in his care.

Anderson is described as having no clean time to speak of, using drugs constantly with a resulting drug induced psychosis. He is noted as having a borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia, alongside a deep-seated depressive disorder that gives way at times to violent irrational rages. Anderson's partner Catherine Stephens displays all the hallmarks of Stockholm Syndrome as she stands beside her man no matter how far he falls.

In 2008, Anderson was indicted on charges in Alberta Ca. of uttering a threat to cause death or bodily harm to a woman by the name of Christine Garrett. He has a string of convictions for similar behaviour. Anderson has learned nothing at all from his many brushes with the law, except to use the officers local to him whenever it is convenient to him to do so in order to escape punishment for his own conduct. He is known and intensely disliked in his local area as a 'narc' - a Police informant.

Anderson at the best of times seems unable to control his mental state, and in normal social interactions is unable to prevent himself from self-aggrandizing although he has done nothing noteworthy to recommend him. In fact, John Anderson is nothing more than a rather pathetic version of a schoolyard bully. He has never learned to act his age, and is incapable of empathy in any circumstance.

John Anderson's biggest problem is that when he thinks he's "exposing" someone, usually he's either made up the allegations himself in an attempt to bignote himself in front of his dozen or so real viewers or he's completely misread information. He's also very easily fooled because he's so eager for fame that he will accept any lie about anyone, coming from anyone, and run with it online. When his victim hits back, Anderson invariably claims to be being "stalked" and "bullied" on the internet. One of our investigators was a victim of this behaviour. Quite by chance she was approached by Anderson in an unsolicited Facebook message, and the effect of telling him to go away was a torrent of abuse from Anderson.

One of the most repulsive acts of Anderson's was the mocking parody/impersonation of a dead teenager to cyberbully the young man's mother. Very little of what Anderson says about any of his victims is true, and that is nowhere more obviously shown than in this video which when published by him was titled to appear that the mother called to harass him, even though the video clearly shows otherwise. He is the epitome of DARVO. From Wikipedia:

"DARVO is an acronym used to describe a common strategy of abusers. The abuser will: Deny the abuse ever took place, then Attack the victim for attempting to hold the abuser accountable; then they will lie and claim that they, the abuser, are the real victim in the situation, thus Reversing the Victim and Offender. This usually involves gaslighting and victim blaming."

Psychologist Jennifer Freyd1, writes:

"…I have observed that actual abusers threaten, bully and make a nightmare for anyone who holds them accountable or asks them to change their abusive behavior. This attack, intended to chill and terrify, typically includes threats of law suits, overt and covert attacks on the whistle-blower’s credibility, and so on. The attack will often take the form of focusing on ridiculing the person who attempts to hold the offender accountable. […]

[T]he offender rapidly creates the impression that the abuser is the wronged one, while the victim or concerned observer is the offender. Figure and ground are completely reversed. […] The offender is on the offense and the person attempting to hold the offender accountable is put on the defense."

Update: On September 11, 2020 John Anderson was sentenced in the Provincial Court of Alberta to 4 months in jail, plus 2 years of Probation, having plead guilty to uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm to Mark Mumma and John Aster. The Probation Order has a number of conditions that have the effect of prohibiting Anderson from communicating about anyone without their permission, and he is prohibited from participating in any online presentations without the permission of his Probation Officer.

Find out more about John Hans Anderson's history at! A huge resource of Anderson's behaviour is available at, and was created as an archive for law enforcement personnel around the world.

1 Jennifer Joy Freyd is an American researcher, author, educator, and speaker. Freyd is an extensively published scholar who is best known for her theories of betrayal trauma, DARVO, institutional betrayal, and institutional courage.

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"If Peter Geary doesn't want to stop, he must be made to stop. The harm is deliberately inflicted, knowingly false, and obviously criminal. He might as well have cut Aster's throat as a public display of his childish tantrums."
Kathy Carlin, investigator