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Fast (and true!) FAQs about John George Aster

AXJ provides a website featuring news and information in the fields of national and international politics; advertising and commercial information services via the internet; and online retail store services featuring a wide variety of consumer goods for others. It was established in 2006 and grew exponentially over the years as more and more independent news contributors were added. AXJ's logo is trademarked to Ed Vallejo, an American born entrepeneur who claims to have lived in Europe for over 20 years.

In its very early days, John Aster was a very heavy user of AXJ, and he was at one time approached by Vallejo to take on the role of CEO of the news organisation and grow it's userbase. Eventually, Vallejo and Aster fell out, and Aster departed from the organisation and site. On 18/12/2019 a search of it's website found that it had 715 members world wide. John Aster is no longer one of them, having left the organisation years ago.

No, there is no evidence that AXJ as an organisation has ever been involved in any pedophile ring. This is a ridiculous suggestion and is entirely without any basis in fact. This misinformation has made the rounds of the internet for a long time as a result of the ineptitude and blind stupidity of the online pedophile hunter community.

When the cyber-stalking first began, John Aster was a fully functioning, well adjusted, and mentally well man. Over the years the untrue and unwarranted lies told about him, the death threats, the drive-bys, the gaslighting, the inflammatory posters distributed to his neighbourhood, and the ongoing harassment of him led to him being diagnosed with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). By 2013, Aster had a fulltime carer and was receiving treatment for his condition. The condition has significantly worsened over the ten years that Pete Geary et al have continued to disseminate the lies they told about him.

John doesn't work with children. He never has. In fact, given the damage done to him emotionally he is unlikely to ever work again. But even if he did want to work with kids, a quick Google search by a prospective employer would bring up all the lies told about him by #TeamTroll for the last decade - and who would employ him after reading that?

Before you can apply for a Working with Children card, you need to be enrolled in a tertiary course that requires you to do practical placement work or have an agreement to work or volunteer with an organisation, and your work needs to fit a category of employment in the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000.

So John has no need of a Working with Children card, and no reason to bother applying for one because no one would ever give him work with children after reading all of #TeamTroll's handiworks around the internet. #TeamTroll's persistent demand for John to get a Blue card is therefore about as stupid as asking a dolphin to grow legs and run a marathon. It's a red herring, and an impossible demand. And they know it.

Just to be clear, John did not produce a Drivers Licence and tell people it was a Working with Children check (Blue Card). That's not true.

No, he did not.

#TeamTroll have been busted - the allegation is a 10 year old lie by Michelle Stewart.

On 21 February 2010, Pete Geary sent a message to Jody Ashton via Facebook saying "whoohoo.... wanna see what aster has been up to had a goo (sic) wag with him this morning.... ". He forwarded to Jody the conversation he'd had with Aster, as follows:

Geary: "you and I know where you fucked up..... I am not going to call you a pedo anymore, as i dont believe you are, many men find themselves in positions they have to plead guilty to but you told michelle and that was stupid....... but you have to climb out of your hole yourself..."

Aster responded with "Pete you have never thought i was you prick. You just enjoyed it. Harming someone."

In July 2011, Pete Geary gave evidence under oath of the source of the pedophile lie, and that he knew it was a lie because the source (Michelle Stewart) had admitted it. Listen to the evidence given by Geary below. (Note that the female voice is the Magistrate.)

Listen to Pete Geary's admission that the pedophile accusation was a lie:

What's truly horrific about this ongoing abuse is that #TeamTroll knew it was a lie way back in 2011, but continued to use it to abuse Aster until he suffered extensive emotional harm from the ongoing abuse. There is no excuse for bullying someone until they suffer long-term emotional harm.

Yes he was. Here's a photo of his ID tags. (Click for larger view)

See here for an explanation of the military tags of the Australian Army.

Yes he did. Why didn't you search the internet for the business records? They are in plain sight, and a matter of public record!

There have been a number of pieces of circumstantial evidence uncovered during the investigation into this case which would suggest that the allegations against John Aster are not genuinely believed by the various members of #TeamTroll.

  1. Michelle Stewart / John Aster, in the 'admission' phone call - This evidence has been debunked, when reviewing the transcript of the call it was discovered that the conversation did not provide any evidence of an admission by Aster.

  2. Pete Geary / Michelle Stewart, recording of the Magistrates Court hearing - Geary gives evidence under oath that Michelle Stewart told #TeamTroll that she lied about Aster's admission.

  3. Pete Geary / Jody Ashton, email notification of Facebook messaging - Geary messages Jody Ashton referencing a conversation he had with John Aster in which he advised John that he doesn't believe that Aster is a pedophile, and says that many men have had to plead guilty to crimes they didn't commit.

  4. Jeanette Hayden / John Anderson, telephone call - Jeanette Hayden explains what the Police told her on enquiry (given her role as a Justice of the Peace). She spent two hours with a detective at Ferny Grove Police, who explained that Aster was not considered a pedophile, and was not on a sex offenders list.

  5. The conduct of #TeamTroll - at various material times throughout the last decade most of the members or peripheral accusers of #TeamTroll have changed allegiances. At one time or another, many have worked alongside John Aster. They include: Peter Geary, John Anderson, Michelle Stewart (who once told Aster he was "sweet" and she loved him!), Aly Kelly (Wilkes), and Jeanette Hayden.

No, Michelle Stewart was interviewed in an openly recorded phone conversation saying that she was aware that #TeamTroll had created at least two Facebook groups (there have been many more!) to "stalk", to "keep tabs on", and to "pre-plan" attacks on John Aster. She claims that 'Aly Kelly' had asked to see the photographs concerned, and had subsequently posted them online and blamed John. Michelle says she found out because she was sent an email by Pete Geary which disclosed how the photos came to be published.

On 26 January 2020, Michelle posted more photographs of her daughter online - smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol at Geary's residence.

No, John Anderson admitted that he made this allegation up. According to him, he was angry and John had "pissed him off". This is an admission recorded by both parties.

Listen to John Anderson's admission that the accusation that Aster was masturbating in front of his daughter Tiana was a lie:

No. On the basis of a tip-off from #TeamTroll (the suspect is Jody Ashton) Australia's RSPCA came to John's door one day to investigate whether or not he had been having sex with his dog. John Aster has never owned a dog. It was just one more bizarre way to attack Aster and cause him grief and anxiety. #TeamTroll thought it was funny.

No. Jody Ashton is a silly young woman with a malicious streak and an over-active imagination.

What happened to John is horrific. A lot of people got caught up in the moment, and believed everything they were told. But there is no excuse to continue doing it. Here's what you can do to help stop this nightmare for John Aster.

  1. Don't spread the lie.
  2. If you see someone else spreading the lie, send them to this website.
  3. Tell John you're sorry, or send him a message of support using these contact details.

No. The video that Geary presents as 'evidence' of conspiracy very clearly opens with Aster telling Michelle that Hayley does not have any evidence of having been assaulted by Geary. Michelle herself, in Facebook posts aimed at Geary in January 2020, denies any conspiracy with Aster.

Michelle told John that Geary had given Hayley a date rape drug, and raped her. She was doing to Geary exactly what she had done to John. In fact, this is what she does to any male she has a falling out with, including her daughter's father. Michelle also, according to Pete Geary, made posts on Facebook saying that Geary's son had also molested Hayley. Once again, there is no evidence to suggest that there was any truth at all to the allegations. Without fact-checking the allegation, John decided to take a leaf out of Geary's book and taunt him with the pedophile allegation - exactly as Geary had done to him. It seemed to be an almost karmic response. The old saying "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!" should have been followed. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Aster did eventually talk with Hayley himself in an attempt to determine whether or not she was telling the truth, but he was unable to be sure. He nevertheless accused Michelle of lying, and told her that there was no evidence to support her stories about Geary. He also spoke with Peter Cefai, Hayley's step-father, to see if Peter believed her.

No. Aster didn't get the opportunity to discuss the allegation with Ma Monde. It is not clear if Michelle conspired with 'Ma Monde'.

No. Michelle Stewart gave Aster the password to access the email. John accessed it and forwarded emails to himself that pertained to him, taking care to leave tracks in the 'Sent items' folder of the account?

There has been a separate but related accusation that Aster changed the password to Geary's email account, effectively locking Geary out. This is also not true, however Aster is uncertain if Michelle changed the password either before or after giving him access.

Who knows? Maybe he has a secret man-crush, and can't get John out of his head?

Actually, Pete Geary makes a lot of weird accusations about everyone he doesn't like. Most of them are so outrageous you have to wonder why he does it. Most likely it's just to try and discredit anyone who is telling the truth. We've found that the louder Geary roars, the more likely you're getting close to the truth.

Keep it up little lion! "RAWWWRRR!"

On the 10th of December 2019, a number of facts were admitted by John Hans Anderson for the purpose of dispensing with formal proof thereof in respect of a trial in the Provincial Court of Alberta (Canada).

Between the 1st day of January, 2018, and the 20th day of July, 2018, both dates inclusive, at or near Spruce Grove, Alberta, Anderson did knowingly utter, convey or cause John Aster to receive a threat to cause death or bodily harm to John Aster, contrary to section 264.l(l)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada. Anderson also plead guilty to the same charge in relation to Mark W. Mumma of Oklahoma, US.

Pertinent facts of the guilty plea, including a copy of the full original document can be found at

"If Peter Geary doesn't want to stop, he must be made to stop. The harm is deliberately inflicted, knowingly false, and obviously criminal. He might as well have cut Aster's throat as a public display of his childish tantrums."
Kathy Carlin, investigator