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Trusted Sites Around The Internet

It is a common tactic, once a cyberbully has been exposed, that they will attempt to reinvent themselves as the victim. Gaslighting is common among psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists. It helps the perpetrator to cover their tracks once they've been caught out. Some will manage to continue the lie for years afterwards, convincing others to trust them. We know that this is what #TeamTroll are doing, right now. But they cannot hide their guilt after producing a decade of their own video evidence.

There are a handful of sites around the internet that will give you accurate information about the John Aster story. If a website is not listed here, it likely will not give you full and accurate information. Each of the sites here has a Facebook page associated to it, where you can follow along for more information as it comes available.

Trusted sites on the internet:

"The saddest thing is that they victimised John's daughter by proxy. It didn't occur to them to consider the effect these allegations would have on her."
Joan Gibbs, investigator