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Is this a Cyberbullying website?

Cyberbullying can include the sending of rumours, lies or private information through websites and social networks on the internet and through technology such as mobile phones and chat rooms. This site does not send rumours, rather it contains evidences. The information you will find here is not lies. It is truth depending on who you talk to, but where possible evidence is provided. This site does not spread 'private' information, because all of the information came from sources that were previously either made public or provided to a third party to use against another person. Expectations of privacy on information freely given is non-existent, especially if the person it was given to needs to use it in their own defense.

Understand this: conflict, fighting, differences of opinion - those things are not bullying. They can sometimes be arrogant, selfish, and immature, but they are not bullying, they are just normal human conduct depending on the situation.

Here's another thing that bullying is not. If you put your information on the internet, and use that information in targeting someone else, and then later you decide you don't want to use that information anymore but you haven't stopped targeting the other person, and that information that was made public by you with an intent to harm someone else is now being used (even by a third party) to show how the story unfolded - that is not bullying. It might be exposure, it might be story-telling, it might be investigative journalism, it might be news, it might be educational, it might be defensive, it might be offensive - but it's not bullying.

If you started trouble on the internet by lying about other people, you don't get to say later that you're the victim when someone comes along and exposes your conduct. There's no victim card for that. Essentially, you just bit off more than you could chew. There is no one who can save you from the embarassment that comes with being caught out. That's entirely on you.

Is this site a 'bullying' website? No, it's not. This site is one which serves to tell a story, insofar as it is able, of a decade-long cyber abuse. Is everyone innocent in this story? No, they are not. Everyone played a part, and they all have to take responsibility for the part they played. Every player was at fault to some extent. Even John. He should never have trusted Michelle. He should never have believed the lies she told about Peter Geary. He should never have made an assumption that BUACA was a pedophile nest just because Geary was a marketing failure and because John believed that one of BUACA's associates was a pedophile.

#TrollZero was a liar, a manipulator, and the primary instigator of the ongoing bullying campaigns. She manipulated one against the other, lying to all and about all, until she achieved her aims - which were always centred on herself and her needs. #TeamTroll were bullies, albeit that they foolishly allowed themselves to be puppets on strings masterfully manipulated by #TrollZero. John Aster was one the one hand an innocent victim, and on the other hand just another puppet pulled into a web of malicious deceit spun by #TrollZero to serve her own ends. He played his part as well.

There are none entirely innocent. There have been over 250 other people pulled into the web, and bullied over the years.

This site is not cyberbullying - we're telling the stories that #TrollZero no longer wants to tell. We need to set the captives free. Truth is freedom.

"For actions to be bullying, they have to be repeated purposefully over prolonged periods of time. There may be lapses of negative, anti-social action, small spaces of time in-between the negative behaviour, but if it is repeated continually towards the same person, intentionally targeting the same individual or group of people to make that individual or group feel uncomfortable, undervalued, rejected, ostracised, alienated, alone, devalued, and even dehumanised, then that is bullying. If it looks like bullying, sounds like bullying, hurts like bullying, then we can call it what it is, it's bullying."
- Brett Murray, author of Make Bullying History.

"If Peter Geary doesn't want to stop, he must be made to stop. The harm is deliberately inflicted, knowingly false, and obviously criminal. He might as well have cut Aster's throat as a public display of his childish tantrums."
Kathy Carlin, investigator