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#TeamTroll - Peter Anthony Geary & BUACA

John's concerns for vulnerable children and their mothers

John tried to connect with people and groups online who could help him to re-establish his connection with his daughter, and he needed to keep himself from going insane with self-doubt in relation to what was happening to him. Firmly believing that what the Family Court was doing was in fact systematic (and systemic) child abuse, John looked online and found a group called Bikers United Against Child Abuse (BUACA).

While initially quite impressed with BUACA, it wasn't long before John noticed that there were a lot of vulnerable young people and their mums on the page, all seemingly wearing the 'branding' material of BUACA. John contacted BUACA's president, Peter Geary, and struck up a conversation with him, telling Geary that he thought the use of vulnerable abused children and their parents as branding for his biker organisation was a bit inappropriate in the circumstances. John told Pete Geary that it seemed as though he was marketing the childrens abuses for his own gain, and that couldn't be good in the long run.

Geary alleges Aster is a pedophile

In retaliation, Geary advised John that in his opinion only a pedophile would have such thoughts about children. And so, the pedophile allegation was formed in Geary's brain. Michelle Stewart and Pete Geary both posted allegations against John Aster within 24 hours of each other in relation to offences against children.

A decade of abuse and false allegations

Geary would later go on a ten year rampage, unable to back down from his original false allegations. Throughout the decade, with the players on Team Troll changing sides a number of times and betraying each other's deepest held secrets, it would emerge that Pete Geary and the BUACA Canada president he appointed (John Hans Anderson) were both known to have had close inappropriate relationships with young girls under the age of consent relevant to their respective countries.

Allegations about inappropriate conduct with a minor

Investigating Geary's inappropriate conduct with a minor wasn't difficult. A series of recordings of a hearing in the Magistrates Court allows us to hear Michelle Stewart telling the Magistrate what happened to her daughter, Hayley. Correspondence from late 2010 emerged which suggested that the relationship between Hayley and Pete Geary was not appropriate for a child abuse advocate and his charge. Although the writer has previously refrained from identifiying the victim, who is now in her twenties, the young woman has now volunteered information to a concurrent investigation into John Hans Anderson. In volunteering her information to an investigation knowing that the conversation was being recorded to be used in a documentary film, Hayley Van Hostauyen has no further reasonable expectation to continued privacy. Her story of her alleged ordeal with Peter Geary is found here.

Geary threatens Michelle Stewart

Geary's life quickly began to fall apart as people became aware of the allegations of sexual abuse. His wife, Sharron Pepper, left him and BUACA began to splinter. Geary began to write post after post of lies about Michelle and her daughter to cover up and deflect away from the accusation that he had sexually assaulted a minor. The allegations were devastating to the BUACA organisation, but so too were the responses made by Geary. In one frantic post, Geary suggested to Michelle that perhaps her daughter wanted to be molested. Michelle began to receive threats that people would come to her house and cave her head in. One of his followers said that he would slice Michelle with a nine inch knife.

Michelle's allegation is a lie

During the hearing, under oath, Pete admits knowing that the story about John Aster being a pedophile is a lie.

Listen to Pete Geary's admission that the pedophile accusation was a lie:

Michelle was successful in her AVO application, getting protection from the Magistrate's Court for a period of 12 months. The Magistrate advised that had Geary also applied for an order however, he would also have been successful. They were both as bad as each other. One can only imagine how Aster felt when they both turned on him together. Between Michelle, Geary and John Hans Anderson, Melanie Coutts from the anti-Father's Rights movement, and all of their associated followers and hangers-on, John Aster found himself the target of a massive online superstorm of hatred that just would not quit.

More allegations against Geary, including rape

Over the years, several more women have come forward to report abuse at the hands of Pete Geary - including rape. This information, combined with the allegations that both BUACA Presidents in Australia and Canada had engaged in inappropriate relationships with minors, led Aster to believe that BUACA was merely a front used to get close to vulnerable mothers and their children. The more Aster reported about Pete Geary's alleged conduct with women, the more Geary attacked him in retaliation and in an attempt to discredit him. At one point, Geary even went to the extent of recording on video a Messenger conversation between Aster and a woman who Geary later claimed was 1) a friend of Georgii Smith's and 2) Michelle Stewart. Michelle and Georgii were friends at one point, so it is possible that both are true.

Geary's 'Revenge Porn' - an indictable offence

On the 26th of September 2018, Geary reports, he received a phone call from "a really good friend of mine" to tell him that they'd done "the ultimate decoy on John Aster". Geary speaks on the recording the following day (27th of September), showing video of a further conversation unfolding between 'Rebekah Hasting' and Aster. That video contained previously sent/received intimate images of both parties to the conversation.

It transpired (from Geary's own admission) that Aster had been set up by Geary's friends to engage with Rebekah in an adult conversation. Geary admitted in the recording that Rebekah was a 21 year old 'decoy', and later exposed Michelle Stewart as the person pretending to be 'Rebekah'.

Geary reports how John and Rebekah had been "friends for a couple of months now", and says he reported on the story because Aster had sent her a picture of his penis. No unlawful act took place at any time, and Aster committed no crime. In fact, Geary just couldn't wait to publicly humiliate Aster because he was angry that Aster had spent time with Pete's son (Charlie) and Charlie's mum, Georgii. Aster was trying to make sure that the mother obtained the help and support she needed but wasn't getting from Pete, Charlie's father.

Interestingly, the Messenger account of Rebekah that Geary is logged into shows that Jody Ashton was the only person Rebekah was in conversation with on Wednesday the 26th of September (the day the Messenger conversation with Aster was recorded). It seems obvious that Rebekah was a fake account. Geary was obviously not the person who was pretending to be Rebekah, because he is shown on the video talking and recording while the conversation unfolds. Geary had log in access to the account however, so he would take some responsibility in the deception involved in soliciting the intimate images in order to harass his victim by publishing it online regardless of his assertion that Michelle Stewart was actually to blame.

Geary's motives were nothing short of vindictive and spiteful. What Geary overlooks or omits to mention is that recording an electronic 'chat' between two consenting adults which shares intimate images (genitalia etc), and then publishing that recording, is a crime under sections 223, 227B, and 229A. Each offence carries a maximum penalty of three years imprisonment. When a court finds a person guilty of revenge porn offences, it can order the offender to remove, delete or destroy the intimate images or prohibited visual recording involved within a stated timeframe. If the offender fails to comply with such an order, they can be found guilty of a further offence, punishable by a maximum of two years imprisonment. For obvious reasons we won't be publishing the material here.

The damaged BUACA vehicle

For a long time Pete Geary has blamed Aster for damages incurred to the hood of his BUACA-signwritten vehicle. This has been a major source of anger for Geary, especially given the significant cost of repairs, and in no small part it is a trigger for ongoing abuse. Police have investigated this allegation, and it was established that John Aster was not responsible for the damage to the vehicle. While we are aware of the person responsible for the damage, no hard evidence exists and therefore reparation would not be possible. For that reason, we consider it of no benefit to name the offender.

Threats to kill

Pete Geary has vowed never to stop his abuse of John Aster online and claims that he will not stop until Aster is dead. He has threatened to kill Aster himself many times over the years, and has actively sought the assistance of others to carry out an 'extermination' on his behalf.

Geary posts his anti-Aster content in numerous places around the internet - most notably on Facebook and YouTube. On YouTube, his pseudonyms include Malcolm Smith, Pete BUACA, Pete Geary, Henry Lankenlouter, and Borntodie1959.

No one viewing this case through an unbiased lens can help but notice the venom with which Geary speaks of his victim. He hates John Aster with such a passion that keeping up his public appearance no longer matters to him. He has not fallen from the heights of his hyped up BUACA glory days well. He has become increasingly unstable himself, spewing vile accusations in any direction, threatening legal action that will never happen, promising Police arrests that will never come, and making ever-growing threats directed at people who have nothing whatsoever to do with his self-exposure.

Peter Geary today

Peter Anthony Geary these days is a pathetic figure who sits alone on Facebook talking to himself on fake profiles, in a style somewhat reminiscent of a psychiatric patient on largactil. He is a 61 year old man with very few interactions with real friends, and is no longer saying much that is believable. Those few people who do still associate openly with him seem to be humouring him. His reign of terror has ended with the self-immolation of his dignity.

Keywords: Bikers United Against Child Abuse; BUACA; Peter (Pete) Geary; John Aster; BUACA Canada

Regardless of the allegations made about Pete Geary's conduct with Hayley Van Hostauyen, readers should remember that an allegation is not neccessarily a fact. Geary was not charged with or convicted of any crime in relation to her. it is not the purpose of this website to determine whether any assault on Hayley took place. That matter is best left for more appropriate authorities. Nevertheless, Hayley has cleared Pete Geary of the rape allegation, voluntarily giving clear notice on a recorded conversation with a documentary-maker that she was not raped. She still maintains that she was the victim of sexually motivated contact by Geary.

"If Peter Geary doesn't want to stop, he must be made to stop. The harm is deliberately inflicted, knowingly false, and obviously criminal. He might as well have cut Aster's throat as a public display of his childish tantrums."
Kathy Carlin, investigator