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The Background - About John George Aster

John Aster was born on the 5th of December 1969. He was educated at Cairns High School and once studied music through the Trinity College of Music, London1.

Aster spent nine years in the military (Australian Army) playing with the Army Band, and later worked as a Music Teacher. His time in the military was spent as a Show Cause Sgt in the Soldier Career Management Agency, and at the Central Army Records Office. He was HQ 1st Division as a clerk and HQ NORCOM in Darwin. He was also part of a group deployed to assist with peace talks internationally.

On leaving the military, John spent several years working a number of jobs before establishing an import/export company which operated between 1997 and 2002.

In 2002 Aster had established a business in upholstery, Topline Upholstery Shops, which grew to be one of the largest in Queensland, having up to 90 staff/subcontractors at any time. This business ceased trading in 2007, and closed in August 2010. The company had been trading at its peak with an annual turnover of about $4 million a year.

John Aster married a Korean national, Eun Kyung Hwang, in 2000. They were married in Seoul, Korea. His daughter was born in October 2005. The marriage became strained, but was never violent. In November 2007 John’s wife left him, taking close to $60,000.00 in cash and embezzled funds from the business they operated.

Although the turnover was large, so were the outgoings. The theft hurt the business badly, and so John worked tirelessly for four months through the painful separation to pay everyone out.

With no heart left for the business he and his wife operated, he arranged to have it onsold to one of his sales reps. The rep wrote up a sale agreement, and John signed it without taking legal advice in a bid to rid himself of a business he was no longer interested in. When the deal began to sour, John tried to get out of it but found that the contract left him with no equipment and resources to continue to run his business anyway.

John wasn’t capable of fighting back for his business – his marriage ending and the long hours trying to hold everything together had taken too much of a toll on him already. The records that his wife was supposed to be keeping were gone, and he had no way of knowing who had or had not been paid their superannuation. The tax office were breathing down his neck to pay and charging massive interest on unpaid amounts. In the end $78,000.00 had to be paid out.

And he had begun a new chapter in his life - a battle was waging in the Australian Family Court with John fighting tooth and nail for the right to see his daughter, Fiona. This website unravels the truth about John Aster's journey, and the people who nearly destroyed him.

1 The author apologises for the confusion caused by the representation that Aster obtained a Degree in Music from Trinity College, London. This error was caused by a misreading of the original handwritten interview notes. For the record, a Licentiate diploma from Trinity College is the equivalent in standard to the final year of an undergraduate degree.

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