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#TeamTroll - Jody Ashton

This page is still under construction, and information is still only in the form of draft notes at this stage.

Notes only (much taken from an email from Ashton to #TeamTroll dated Dec 2010):

Jody-Anne Gloria ('Jody') Ashton claims to have met Aster when she was 22 years old. Admits to being an addict. Worked for Aster & Associates, and had a sexual relationship with Aster. Says she was in love with him. Describes herself as constantly engaging in sexual activity with Aster. Says Aster always used condoms. Claims to have assisted Aster in online scams to engage 'Senior Associates' for his business. Has ex-partner in Police (needs to be found). Jody has created fake profile in Michelle's name and pretended to be her. Has never presented any evidence of anything. Was the creator of a number of websites about Aster, which were also used to solicit money from users. Jealousy and revenge appear to be Ashton's only motivations.

Aster claims she attempted to steal his database of clients (note that a recent employer in the rental property industry in Brisbane also claims that Jody stole their client database - recording available). Ashton had to be forcibly evicted from Aster's house because she refused to leave, saying she loved him. Aster claims that Ashton lied about her pregnancy and termination - never told him she was pregnant. Aster says he always used condoms (Ashton said the same). Bi-sexual Ashton did not have relationships with other men for years.

Michelle Stewart claims that Ashton read about Aster on the internet in conjuction with Geary's attacks on him, and wanted to get revenge on him for the failed attempt to steal his business data and for ditching her when he met his wife. Stewart says that Ashton approached her and Geary with her stories about Aster, wanting the opportunity to tell her stories on the back of their attacks on him.

Ashton was responsible for some of the more bizarre claims about Aster. She claimed he had a dead body stored underneath the stairs in his house, and she reported to the Police that he stored a number of firearms in the house which he used to kill people. On checking, neither allegations was true. Believing that Aster needed to be tried for crimes against women and children, Ashton also wrote to the Court appointed psychiatrist in Aster's Family Court case (See also: Dr. John Chalk, Brisbane Psychiatrist) and told him that Aster had intimidated her with photos of himself posing over the blood-covered bodies of dead civilians in military uniform. Jody claims to have also contacted:

Ashton also made the claim that at the ending of their relationship Aster wouldn't let her leave his house and tried to strangle her. In fact, Police records show that two officers had to physically drag her from the property because she refused to go when Aster ordered her out of his home and dismissed her from the business for threatening to steal his client database and sell it to his competitors. She went on to claim that she told him she was pregnant and his response was that if she did not terminate the pregnancy, he would murder her entire family. None of it was true. Jody was a malicious and vindictive ex-lover - a woman with a very active imagination!

Current: On 2/10/2019 Ashton registered "MY FUTURE REAL ESTATE" as a business name, with Jaga Property Investments Pty Ltd as the holder. ABN: 38634073617

Ashton was part of a 'team' trying to take down Aster. They were:

Ashton and Geary later teamed up against Michelle and Michael, with Geary saying "....sadly both michel (sic) and michelle could be called the biggest child abusers of all time and aster knows this.... I could never treat my child both these parents did and they lost their kids to acts of bullshit.... I fell (sic) very sorry for them but michael is drug fucked and michelle uses anyone she can to get what she wants and then tuens (sic) on them... fuck I'm glad she's not my mother" - perhaps #TeamTroll were never as tight as they made out they were.

Ashton's previous attempts to trash Aster's reputation have also ended up with her own credibility being called into question. ("Sorry sweetie. If you tell lies you are a liar. That is what the word means. Once you tell lies? Then you have waived all credibility. That is why being a liar is so disadvantageous. Once you are found out no one of any intelligence will deal with you.")

Keywords: Jody Ashton; Property Manager; Brisbane; Black Diamond Property Group; Priority Properties; #TeamTroll; Jaga Property Investments Pty Ltd;;; John Aster;

"What started as a means to silence the Father's Rights Movement, became over a decade of mental abuse resulting in horrific harm to the victim. The abuse is unforgivable."
Rachel Rolston, investigator and developer.