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#TeamTroll - Geornette James ('Wisper Firefly')

Geornette Gladys James' stage name is Wisper Firefly. Her business name is Anam Aed HQ - Mutant Akademy Australia, and her troupe is titled Anam Aed (Gaelic for 'soulfire'). At first, Geornette seems a nice enough young woman. But beneath the veneer, and not too far beneath, is a very different Geornette James. One who has spent a decade dancing to the cyberbullying fiddle of Baldy Pete (Pete Geary), the self-appointed president of Bikers United Against Child Abuse (BUACA).

Geornette is the National Secretary for BUACA, originally set up as a for-profit company in Geary's name but later changed to be a not-for-profit charity able to receive Government funding handouts. BUACA claims to have been founded in 2001, and says that its members "advocate for families where a child has disclosed child abuse, its aim being to assist families through the court process and provide a follow up program to ensure the child and the family are well informed with factual research and other methods." It is unclear what "other methods" are being referred to. BUACA eventually registered for charitable status in 2012, with Geornette as its secretary. At 30 June 2018, BUACA held assets totalling $588.00 and had approximately 9 volunteers (down from 20 the previous year and 16 in 2016). Not quite the significant group of men and women, parents, grandparents, and associated advocates that they imply they are. The most volunteers ever accounted for was 25.

You would never know to look at her profiles and pages on the internet that Geornette James is in fact a stalker with a very long history of abuse and intimidation. Wisper also claims to be working with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

On a dark night in 2017 John Aster looked out his window to see fire sticks twirling in the darkness, creating a circle of flame in the night sky. A troupe of fire dancers appear to be practicing their art in a public area in a quiet neighbourhood in Brisbane, seemingly innocently. But it's not innocent at all. These are stalkers from Anam AED, outside John Aster's home trying to intimidate him on behalf of Pete Geary. James would later laugh at John taking video of them from inside the house, calling him a coward for not coming out.

To justify her treatment of Aster, James claims that he called her and threatened to burn her house down. It wasn't any more true than any of the other ridiculous claims made about Aster over the years. Aster would have had no reason to call her, or to threaten her. If it had happened, she would have called the Police and had him charged. Phone records would have proven the case if there was any truth to it at all. There wasn't.

Wisper Firefly (Geornette James) is just another stalker from #TeamTroll who danced to Geary's tunes.

Keywords: Geornette James; BUACA; BUACA Secretary; Wisper Firefly; Anam AED; Mutant Akademy Australia; Queensland Fire and Emergency Services - QFES; #TeamTroll; Troll Zero; John Aster;

"If there is one thing that has become abundantly clear during this investigation, it is that the wrong people are being called 'pro-pedophile'. The real pro-pedos are the BUACA/Anderson supporters and groupies."
Kathy Carlin, investigator