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Jeanette Hayden, Caregiver

Jeanette Hayden is a Queensland Justice of the Peace, and former carer to John Aster. While initially Jeanette was a target of Aster's stalkers, she later decided that rather than being targeted by them she would join them. Turning on Aster, she made a call to John Anderson, the Stalk Show Host from Canada.

Anderson took advantage of the call by trying to elicit responses to leading questions that would incriminate Aster, but to her credit Jeanette simply advised Anderson of the details provided to her by Police. Those details were:

Jeanette then spent two hours talking to one of the original investigating officers from Ferny Grove Police Station in the case that #TeamTroll say related to charges for downloading 15,000 images of child pornography. That officer reiterated what Queensland Police had already advised Jeanette, but went on to tell her that Aster was not guilty of any offence in relation to the incident referred to. According to Jeanette's narrative, the person of interest to Police was not Aster. Aster was not in residence in Australia when the investigation began.

Listen to Jeanette Hayden explain to John Anderson what Queensland Police told her about John Aster:

One of the most interesting comments from the clip of Jeanette Hayden and John Anderson's conversation was a clue to the culprit that may have been responsible for all of this. At the very end of the recording, Jeanette is heard to say: "It was actually a female who tipped it off". The meaning was clear. A woman had called Police as a tip-off. But Aster's wife wasn't yet in Australia so who could this woman be? The only woman who had access to the business computers of Aster & Associates Pty Limited was Jody Ashton, who was at all material times working for John.

The mystery deepens.

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"What started as a means to silence the Father's Rights Movement, became over a decade of mental abuse resulting in horrific harm to the victim. The abuse is unforgivable."
Rachel Rolston, investigator and developer.